Tony Jankowski


Still Life Paintings

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Fruit Bowl

Pot and Oranges

Lemon Branch on the Window

Three Peaches

Lemon Branch with Knife


Fruit on Marble Table


Peaches and Grapes

Three Oranges with Glass

Fruit and Wine

Wine, Grapes and Apples

Navaho Necklace and Pot

Flowers with Persimmons

Cowboy's Day End

Peaches on a Plate
Figs on a Plate

Three Graces

Open Orange

Five Apples


Five Oranges II

Radishes and Asparagus

Apples and Grapes

Fruit on a Tray

Hopi Kachina Doll

Copper Kettle with Abalone

Bucket with Oranges

Shells, Pot and Lemons

My Father's Watch

Close Enough

Onions and Garlic

Fruit and Kettle

Oranges and Apple

Lemons and Pot

Oraanges and Basket

Pair of Ducks

Bird's Bouquet

Maine Lobster

Red Lobster

Powamui Kachina Doll


Mitzi Resting

Ojai Oranges

Pumpkins at Faulkner's Farm


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