Tony Jankowski
Poetic Realist



74th Annual

Santa Paula Art & Photography Exhibition

2011 & 2016

The first Santa Paula Art and Photography Exhibit took place in 1936. Sponsored by the Santa Paula Society of the Arts, the show is the oldest such juried event in California.  Artists from throughout the western states presented their works for inclusion in the exhibition which opened March 10. The exhibit and art competition continues to be displayed at Blanchard Community Library in Santa Paula through March and April.

The exhibit features the unique ‘Jury of Your Peers Award’, decided by participating artists, and the ‘Peoples Choice Award’, garnered by public vote, as well as awards decided by the official panel of judges.

2011 - Two submitted paintings win four prizes

At the reception and presentation of awards, held Saturday, March 26th, Tony Jankowski received several awards for his two submitted paintings: Fruit Bowl with Figs and Morning Light.  His still life oil painting “Fruit Bowl With Figs” received the People’s Choice 1st place, the Jury of Your Peers 1st place, and the Judges 2nd place.  His landscape oil painting “Morning Light” received the People’s Choice 3rd place. To view pictures of the award ceremony  click here.

Fruit Bowl with Figs Morning Light
[ click on a picture for a larger view ]

2016 - Two submitted paintings win prizes

Tony Jankowski received several awards for his two submitted paintings: "Cowboy's Day End" and "El Niño at the Ventura Pier" .  His oil painting of the El Niño wave on the Ventura Pier received the People’s Choice Award and the Jury of Your Peers Award was affixed to his still life oil painting "Cowboy's Day End."

Cowboy's Day End El Niño at Ventura Pier
[ click on a picture for a larger view ]

2020 - Wins two prizes with one painting

Tony submits one painting and wins two first prizes: one from the "Jury of your Peers" and the second the "Public's Choice Award." The painting is of his newly-deceased cat, Mitzi.


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